Halloween Recipe – Harvest Squares


A heavenly dessert, harvest squares also make devilishly good bribes for trick-or-treaters and are a real Halloween treat.

Halloween Treats: Ice Scream Balls


A quick Halloween treat for kids are Ice Scream balls. You’ll need some vanilla ice cream (or other preferred flavor), corn flakes or sprinkles, chocolate chips and raisins. Roll rounded scoops of ice cream in corn flakes or sprinkles. Then add eyes, nose and mouth with chocolate chips and raisins. Place your creations on a […]

Halloween Treats: Dish of Dirt

When looking for quick and easy Halloween treats, a Dish of Dirt is a real winner – especially with kids. Ingredients 14 Oreo cookies, finely crushed,divided (about 1 cup crumbs) 1 pint chocolate ice cream 1/4 cup chocolate syrup Gummy worms, for garnish Prepared whipped topping, for garnish Directions First, place 2 Tbs cookie crumbs […]