Craft Projects for Halloween

The only bad craft projects for Halloween are the projects that are too complicated and never get done. You know the ones. The craft projects that have so many steps that you’ve lost the attention of your kids before step 2.

How To Make A Clothespin Bat


Halloween bats are essential to your Halloween decorations. In a previous post, I discussed how to make an egg carton bat for Halloween. Another fun and easy bat craft is the clothespin bat. The video below shows you step by step how to create a clothespin bat as well as where you can use them […]

Halloween Bat Crafts

Just in case you haven’t noticed, bats are a huge symbol of Halloween. If you want to make your own decorations, Halloween bat crafts are some of the easiest of all. One of the easiest Halloween bat crafts that you can make comes from a regular egg carton.

Halloween Crafts: Ghost Glove Puppet


Halloween crafts are a fun way to get children involved in the holiday. A ghost glove puppet is an easy Halloween craft to start with. There are a few different ways you can go about making a ghost glove puppet. Here are some of the ideas that I’ve found.

Easy Halloween Crafts and Decorations

If you are looking for some easy Halloween crafts and decorations, you have come to the right place! By using common household items and a little ingenuity, you can create some of the best Halloween decorations around. Below are a few suggestions along with some great web sites to get you started right away!

Easy Halloween Crafts

Easy Halloween Crafts

Kids love making crafts. Take some time this Halloween to make some Easy Halloween Crafts for your kids and start a new Halloween tradition.

Homemade Halloween Decorations


If you are a creative type, or just want to be, start creating your own Halloween decorations to get you started into the wonderful world of crafts! Homemade Halloween decorations are not only fun to make, but they really can give your home a festive look on Halloween. You do not have to be a […]