Best Halloween Masks

Donnie Darko Adult MaskHalloween masks come in different shapes and sizes. Some are cute and cuddly while others stir up quite a scare. There are even those that will shake up your funny bone. But no matter what your personal taste, the following categories keep coming back year after year.


Scary works, for sure. But gross works even better. Make it grotesque, make that mask really creepy, crawly and otherwise disgusting and you’ve got a hit.

Once-popular monsters like Frankenstein are passé. The character is just too camp to make anyone shiver today. But Grub Face or Gooey Flesh, yeah that’s still tops. Of course, you could get any of the masks of popular politicians and really frighten the horses.


Sometimes a creature mask might be that of a cute Wookie. The ever-cool Planet of the Apes mask continues to be a favorite years after the last movie was made and Alien Deluxe Adult Maskforgotten. The choices here are endless.

Seventy years after the original movie was made The Mummy continues to be a Halloween perennial making a mummy mask a favorite. Even the 1940s Mr. Hyde somehow keeps coming back generation after generation. And the book was first published in 1886!

But some of the latest creatures are bound to become classics, too. Alien will never go out of style. The Green Ghost from Ghostbusters is a favorite of many. Yoda is here to stay, like it or not.


For the young kids, animals are a simple and cute option that is perpetually popular not only with parents but the kids themselves. An original idea that’s hot today is Rex from Toy Story. Flat masks are the norm, so having something with a little bit of depth is a way to be a little different.

Pig Masks are another way to give a mask a good 3-D effect, but with less risk of the nose bumping into something. They’re easy to make, too. But a pre-made latex optionEconomy Pig Adult Mask doesn’t have to be expensive, and they’re sturdy and comfortable.

Make-It Yourself

Masks are especially fun when your young one gets to make it. Plaster of Paris used to be the way to go. But that’s a lot of work. Today, you’ve got much easier methods available to make a mask. You can use a printable mask or take a snapshot of your child, the family dog, or a bird that hangs around the yard with a digital camera.

Take the digital snapshot, transfer it to the computer. Then just use the digital photo software that came with the camera to print out a color photo on heavy card stock. Cut-out the mask, slip some string through a couple of holes and you’re ready for Halloween.

Take a photo of each of the kids, then have one wear the photo-mask of another. That should confuse everyone!

The great thing about any of these choices is that a Halloween mask works all by itself, with or without a full costume. The idea is to create a recognizable character and any of these will certainly do that.

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