Tips for Successful Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup TipsMakeup can really make or break a face especially when it must coordinate with some sort of costume or character. Halloween is the ultimate time to experiment with makeup and costume. There are few other opportunities to be this audacious with your face, but if you have little to no experience with out-of-the-ordinary makeup, you could be in trouble. As you are coming up with fun Halloween party ideas, here are some tips and ideas to achieve an outstanding made-up look!

1. Do your research

With the internet at our fingertips these days, there are no excuses for not having enough helpful resources from which to gain ideas, tips, and techniques for doing great Halloween makeup. Just as you plan your costume, party, or trick-and-treat route in advance, do the same with your makeup. There are so many Halloween costume ideas to consider, but once you’ve chosen your outfit, the next step is to think through every detail of your appearance and learn what you do not already know about applying makeup. If you do not have enough ideas, look at pictures of other people’s makeup for inspiration.

2. Practice

Treat your Halloween makeup like you would your wedding makeup or hairdo. Do not expect to do it the night of the event and have it be perfect. If you have never done much with makeup, you are going to need to practice. If you have any ambition of painting yourself up with wounds, scars, wrinkles, or blood, you will really need some practice! Practice using different paints, colors, smudging techniques, and pressures so you know exactly what you want to do come Halloween night.

3. Experiment with Makeup

You are going to have to walk past the makeup aisle at your local supermarket and do something a little more daring. Purchase instead items like white face cream, face paints, colorful face markers, or even theatrical makeup. Different types of makeup have different results and looks, so you have plenty of room for freedom. You might research which types of makeup have been proven successful to achieve a certain look. You will also need to test out which colors work best with your skin tone. As you test, always be careful of your skin type, though, because you really do not want to be dealing with breakouts or a rash.

4. Be bold

Halloween is a holiday like no other, on which you can dress up as just about anything and your neighbors will not be surprised. If you always go as a bumblebee or cheerleader, try something a little different this year. Maybe you want to make yourself up as a favorite movie character or paint yourself as the most colorful monster anyone has ever seen. Either way, be bold, go all out, and use your makeup to complete a look that will stand out from the crowd.

A Halloween costume may be sufficient in and of itself, but makeup really adds the final touch. Follow these steps mixed with as much creativity as you possess, and you will be well on your way to wearing much-talked-about Halloween makeup!

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