The Perplexing Hunt

The Perplexing Hunt is a game that’s fun for kids and a good way to get a party started. In this game, participants are guided from place to place by strategically placed notes that ultimately lead them to a prize. Participants are started on the hunt with this rhyme:

“Perhaps you’ll find it in the air;
If not, look underneath a chair.”

Beneath the chair they find the following:

“No, you will not find it here;
Search the clock and have no fear.”

Under the clock they find:

“You will have to try once more;
Look behind the parlor door.”

Tied to the door-knob they discover:

“If it’s not near the TV cable;
Seek beneath the kitchen table.”

Under the kitchen table they find another note, which reads:

“If your quest remains uncertain,
You will find it underneath a curtain.”

And here the quest is rewarded by finding the prize.

Now, of course, you can change this up a bit and use outdoor clues to add more adventure to the game. Just have fun with it!

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