Halloween Party Games – Part II

Here’s another set of Halloween games for kids that will be all the rave at any party. Add some Halloween music and lots of treats, and even the adults will want to participate. So, here you go:

Musical Chairs

No game has held onto children’s interests for more years than the classic “musical chairs.” This version includes playing Halloween music (such as “Monster Mash” or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson) and asking the kids to act as spooky and scary as they can while they race around the chairs. For example, you can add challenging elements, such as make scary faces as you walk around the chairs, do the monster mash (whatever that means to the individual kid) and other things like that. You’re sure to get some creative responses.

Cake Walks

Cake Walks (or Treat Walks) are a great Halloween game for kids. You’ll need plenty of treats and some monster pictures like Count Dracula, Frankenstein and characters from “The Munsters” or “The Adams Family.” Mark off a circle in the walk area with the monster pictures and have corresponding monster names in a jar or hat. Usually you’ll want to have at least 12 to 18 pictures, players and name.

Players are to start out standing on or next to a picture. Announce the treat or prize for the current round. Start playing some music such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” “Monster Mash” or Halloween scary sounds. Stop the music after 10-30 seconds. Players should end up on a monster. Once everyone has a monster to stand on, pull out a monster name randomly from the jar or hat. The player standing on the corresponding monster wins the treat or prize. If no one is standing on one of the monster names pulled, pull out another name until someone wins.

Although these Halloween games are not specific to Halloween, properly adapted as noted above, they can create hours of Halloween fun. The added benefit is that the games attract the interest of all party goers, so make sure to get some candid shots and videos that can be shared all year long.

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