Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples is a classic Halloween party game. If you’ve ever tried it, you know that it’s not one of the easiest to play but certainly one of the funnest. Here are a few tips for bobbing success.

First , look for the smallest apple in the tub. The smaller the apple, the easier it will be to get your mouth around it. Once you’ve chosen just the right apple, push it with your mouth to one of the tub’s surfaces (the bottom, a side or a corner) and pin it there. Pluck your apple from the tub and do a victory lap around the room to showcase your skills.

If you really want to be a show off, go for a quick kill and duck your head in as fast as you can. The apple won’t know what hit it.

Now, if the thought of swapping water and apples in a tub with a group of complete strangers or even strange friends grosses you out, here’s an alternative. You can modify the game by tying ribbon around the apple’s stems. Use thumbtacks to hang them from the ceiling or the top of a door frame. You can also clip the string to a clothes line.

Next, set the apples in motion. With one participant per apple, and just like bobbing, the first person to get a hold of his or her apple wins. Remember, no hands allowed.

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