Homemade Halloween Decorations

flying-ghostsIf you are a creative type, or just want to be, start creating your own Halloween decorations to get you started into the wonderful world of crafts! Homemade Halloween decorations are not only fun to make, but they really can give your home a festive look on Halloween. You do not have to be a master artisan to make your own Halloween decorations. All you need is some imagination, creativity, and some supplies and you are ready to go!

Try a few of these simple ideas:

Creepy Candles

One of my favorite and easiest homemade Halloween decorations is creepy candles. Get some candles in dark colors or in the classic colors of Halloween – orange and black. Gather some trinkets together like sequins, beads, and even candy corn. The selection is limitless. In our local dollar store, they even have table sprinkles in the shapes of bats, ghosts, pumpkins, and witches. If you use small objects like these, you should probably use tweezers. I’ve even seen people glue on the fake cobwebs which makes for a really neat look!

Using simple white school glue, glue these trinkets all around the candle until you like the way it looks. Place them all around the house to jump start the creepy mood in your house for the holiday.

Balloon Ghost

Here’s another homemade Halloween decoration that I use to hang scary things from our trees. For this simple craft, you’ll need a white balloon and two plain plastic grocery bags. Cut the handles off the bags along with any writing that is on them. Leaving the bottom seam end intact, use scissors to shred the bag into “danglies” until you get about one inch away from the seam. Blow up the balloon and knot it. With the knot at the top, tape the seam of one bag to the front of the balloon and one to the back. I like to use black electrical or duct tape because it holds better.

Draw a scary face on your ghost and attach a string to the knot of the balloon. Sometimes, I like to attach a couple of bells to the bottom of my ghosts so I can hear them haunting my yard! I make several of these and hang them all over the yard, which is a lot of fun for my neighbors and friends.

Homemade Halloween decorations can be easy and fun. There’s no doubt that when you make your own Halloween décor, the possibilities are limited only by your own creativity and imagination!

For some additional Halloween craft ideas with step-by-step instructions, pick up your copy of Easy Halloween Crafts.

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