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halloween-tombstoneIf you really want to decorate your yard for Halloween, consider a Halloween graveyard complete with Halloween tombstones. The best part about decorating your yard is that you can create an errie or silly atmosphere that will entertain your visitors and passersby.

You can start your ghoulish yard by cutting out some “tombstones” from simple plywood, foam insulation or heavy duty cardboard. They don’t have to be elaborate – just half spheres or check out these free tombstone templates.

Use gray or black latex paint to paint your Halloween tombstones and let dry overnight. If you are using heavy duty cardboard, make sure you spray them with a sealant to keep them from collapsing in wet weather.

At this point you must decide how you are going to letter and decorate the face of the Halloween tombstones. The simplest way is to use standard craft acrylic paint and brushes to paint on an epitaph and any other designs you want onto the face of the painted tombstone. Use contrasting colors along the edges of the letters and designs to fool the eye into thinking it’s carved in.

Alternativley, you can choose some free fonts and use them as stencils or carve them into your tombstone. Simply type in your desired words and print to your desired size.

A friend of mine did this with her yard. Each tombstone contained a funny version of each family member’s name. For example, Deena became “DIEana”. You get the idea. Then she would put a clever saying on each stone like “Although she’s gone, she’s not forgot, only because she died on the pot.”

Some witty epitaphs I found are:

  • RIP D.M. Bones
  • Vacancy (with a downward arrow)
  • C.U. Later
  • I’ll Be Back
  • Too Soon To Go
  • Rest In Piece
  • I.B. Dead

To support your tombstone, place nails in the bottom so that you can easily place them in your yard. You can also cut a wire hanger into pieces and insert into the foam or cardboard, leaving a portion of the wire sticking out. Then push them into the ground to secure.

It’s all about creativity when it comes to decorating your yard for Halloween, so have fun with it. And if you’ve run out of time to do them on your own, you can find plenty of Halloween tombstones below.

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