How To Create Scary Sound Effects

scary_soundPlanning a haunted house for Halloween and need some scary sound effects? Well, here are some low-cost, do it yourself examples of how ordinary household items I found on Martha Stewart’s site. They can be used to fill your house with mischievous poltergeist.

You’ll want to test each scary sound effect out first. Once you’ve mastered the Halloween sound effects you want to use, you can create a soundtrack to play for your haunted house, scare trick-or-treaters when they ring your bell or use for scary story telling for the kiddies.

Fire – Crinkle a piece of cellophane or waxed paper to mimic a crackling flame. For large fires, use several sheets and several pairs of hands.

Ghostly Footsteps – Slowly knock the heels of leather-soled shoes together or against a wooden floor to achieve the sound of footsteps coming from the attic.

Wind – Fold a sheet of waxed paper over a comb. Hum or blow softly with your lips against the paper-covered teeth for a howling wind.

Thunder – Grasp one side of a sheet of poster board. Shake hard to make a thunderclap; taper off for distant, echoing rumbles.

Rain – Pour dry, uncooked rice into a metal tray or baking pan. Vary the speed for realistic-sounding rain; accompany with thunder as you wish.

Gurgling Bog – Use a drinking straw to blow bubbles at the surface of a bowl of water. Vary the rhythm of the bubbles to bring the slimy bog eerily to life.

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