Halloween Crafts Made Easy

Tissue Paper GhostsOne of the things that make Halloween so wonderful is that you can dress up, display Halloween crafts and scare all the folks you want in the spirit of fun. Decorating your home, car or office is the first step in setting the mood for Halloween and can be accomplished with just a little patience and some creativity.

There are some quick and easy ideas to consider when making your own Halloween crafts. The great part about Halloween crafts is that many of them are kid friendly and can be made with items you find around your home.

Tissue Ghosts

For example, one of my favorite Halloween crafts is tissue ghosts. Just take a piece of Kleenex and gather it together so that you have a “bulb” at the top with the bottom splaying out – much like a ghost would look like! Use a rubber band or a garbage bag twist tie to secure the bulb which is the head of your ghost. Tie it tight! Then take a black magic marker and dot in eyes, a nose, and a mouth and you have a Kleenex ghost. Make several of these to hang around your house, particularly in places where your family and friends would least expect to see them!

Egg Carton Bats

Another great idea for Halloween crafts involves a simple egg carton. That’s right – you can turn an egg carton into a scary bat! What you need to do is take three of the egg “cups” and separate them from the rest of the carton together so that they form a row. The middle cup will be the bat face, the other two are the wings, so take a pair of scissors and cut out the front part of the cups to make wings. If you have some “googly eyes” glue them on for a fun take, or you can simply draw a face on your bat. Then hang from a string or a rubber band and decorate the whole room with these fun and easy little bats.

Those are two ideas for Halloween crafts to get you started. There are so many other great and easy ideas for Halloween crafts that you can try out. A good guide to keep you going is Easy Halloween Crafts. Experiment around with these ideas to make some spooky or fun decorations that will make your home a Halloween haven with Halloween crafts that you have made yourself!

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