Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Adult Frankenstein MaskEveryone remembers “The Munsters” television show.  Who didn’t get a laugh out of Herman Munster’s antics as Frankenstein?  But Herman can’t take all the credit for the popularity of Frankenstein or the Frankenstein Halloween costume.

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The story of Frankenstein was written in 1818 by English writer Mary Shelley, who thought it up for a ghost story competition.  In the story, Dr. Victor Frankenstein builds a man using dead body parts taken from graveyards.  The man is brought to life with a flash of lightning.  Because people are frightened by his appearance, he ends up as a murderous monster.

Frankenstein was later the subject of one of the first horror films.  Made in 1931, Boris Karloff played the role of Frankenstein.

Today, the block-head monster is a favorite classic Halloween costume among kids and adults alike.  You can make your own Frankenstein Halloween costume with a few items that you probably already own or can make:

1.  A Frankenstein mask — the main feature of the costume.
2.  Pants that are too short.
3.  A shirt padded with newspapers.
4. Black platform boots.

Alternatively, there are several premade suits that easily fit the bill.

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