Captain America Movie Costume

Captain America is the latest comic book superhero to hit the silver screen in the 2011 “Captain America: First Avenger” movie. As such, you can be sure to see this patriotic superhero costume everywhere this Halloween, particularly among kids. It’s also a fun costume theme for men and women because it’s patriotic and super strong at the same time!

Captain America aka Steve Rogers grew up as a scrawny kid during the Great Depression. Frustrated by Nazi Germany’s horrific atrocities, he attempted to enlist in the army to fight for his country in World War II. After failing to pass the physical requirements, he goes on to take part in an experiment that ends up boosting his strength to the maximum capacity capable of any human. Although Captain America doesn’t have “superpowers,” he does have amazing strength and the famous indestructible shield.

The Elements Of A Captain America Costume

Like any other superhero, Captain America has a very distinctive outfit that lets everyone know he’s arrived.  Playing on his name, he makes use of all the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue, featuring both stars and stripes.

The Bodysuit – Captain America’s costume consists of a blue jumpsuit with a large star on the chest, and two smaller stars on the side of each of the shoulders. This is a quality outfit that kids will simply adore.

The helmet – Captain America wears a distinctive blue helmet with an “A” on the front, shaped around his head and eyes, but leaving the mouth uncovered.

The Shield – Not known to leave home without it, the indestructible Captain America shield is used as a weapon and a defense tool. The shield is circular in shape, with red and white stripes around the edges, and a white star on a blue background in the middle.

Captain America Accessories

One way to polish off the Captain America costume is with a pair of brown gloves, just like in the movie. And because every half-pint hero needs a place to keep his Halloween treats, the Captain America Drawstring Treat Sack is also a must. After all, you don’t want your strong super hero to run out of energy while the night is still young.

The Captain America kids costume really is a fun choice for Halloween. The essential elements of the costume along with some nice accessories make it an easy look to achieve. Available for toddlers as well as kids wearing sizes small (4/6), medium (7/8) and large (10/12), it’s a costume that let’s nearly everyone get in on playing out super human strength to protect America.

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