Horrible Halloween Recipes

cobweb brownies

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is a time for making lots of yummy things to eat. But the recipes are a bit different from those other two traditional holidays. Here are a couple that trick-or-treaters will appreciate. Cobweb Brownies You can get everyone into the fun spirit of Halloween by baking up a batch […]

Halloween Punch Recipes


Need to liven up your Halloween party? Halloween is a great time to use a wide variety of fun and tasty punches to deliver just the right punch. Below you’ll find two recipes to get you started. The first is for adults and the second for the kiddies.

Coffin Confection


Here’s a great recipe for kids taken from the Better Homes and Garden website. A pound cake edged in crushed cookies and worm-shaped fruit snacks makes the coffin, while marshmallows rolled in green-colored sugar form the monster.

Witchy Wizard Cupcakes


These creepy witches take the cake — cupcake, that is.  With candy hair, called grounds, and even warts on their noses, these delicious characters will be gobbled up quickly by little ghosts and goblins.

Halloween Recipe – Harvest Squares


A heavenly dessert, harvest squares also make devilishly good bribes for trick-or-treaters and are a real Halloween treat.

Pumpkin Bread Bundt Cake


Neither man nor woman nor Halloween ghoulie can live by plain bread alone. Try this palate-charming pumpkin bread from Cookie magazine at mealtimes as well as snack times.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

As you carve your pumpkins into blood-chilling designs, don’t throw out the seeds. You can turn those seeds into a scrumptious Halloween treat. Here’s a Halloween recipe I recently found that will surely bring you some delight.