Halloween Makeup Removal Tips


You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to Halloween makeup that can be removed solely with soap and water. But what you use and how you apply it can make the job ultra-easy or absurdly difficult. To make your after-Halloween chore closer to the former rather than the latter, follow some of the methods used […]

How To Use A Halloween Prosthetic


Halloween prosthetics are fake wounds, severed body parts, false noses, etc. They can really make a costume stand out. But they can also spoil your holiday if you use ones that interfere with your freedom to party. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your creative daytime ideas without hindering […]

How To Use Halloween Makeup


Clown faces, skulls, vampires, kitties and a thousand other makeup designs are possible for the Halloween holiday. But makeup can be a real chore to apply. Here are some tips from the Hollywood pros to make your face-decorating safer, less work and more fun. Use quality makeup and facial products. All contemporary department store makeup […]

Fake Blood Tips From The Hollywood Pros


If there’s anything Hollywood special effects artists know well, it’s how to use stage blood to create a gory look. Your Halloween makeup and decorating efforts will be improved by following some of their tried-and-true methods. First, you have to buy or make some fake blood. We trust you don’t have plans to use the […]

Tips for Successful Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup Tips

Makeup can really make or break a face especially when it must coordinate with some sort of costume or character. Halloween is the ultimate time to experiment with makeup and costume. There are few other opportunities to be this audacious with your face, but if you have little to no experience with out-of-the-ordinary makeup, you […]