How To Make Halloween Coffins


Coffins are associated with the dead and are featured in scary movies, old and new. So, they make for great Halloween props to complete your holiday decorating scheme. There are many ways to do that and they’re all easy to carry out. Here are two simple-to-make options. Miniature Coffins As tiny props around the candy […]

Groovy Graveyards


If you really want to decorate your yard for Halloween, consider a Halloween graveyard complete with Halloween tombstones. The best part about decorating your yard is that you can create an errie or silly atmosphere that will entertain your visitors and passersby.

Homemade Halloween Decorations


If you are a creative type, or just want to be, start creating your own Halloween decorations to get you started into the wonderful world of crafts! Homemade Halloween decorations are not only fun to make, but they really can give your home a festive look on Halloween. You do not have to be a […]

Halloween Decorating – Use Your Creative Flair


Halloween is special to my family and we are great fans. I realize this isn’t true for all families but it is for mine. I’d have to say that Halloween costumes are a terrific fun. The other fun thing about Halloween is the Halloween decorating. One of the best items for Halloween decorating is the […]