The Black Swan Costume


When you think of the biggest movies of the past year, you can’t fail to think of the tragic and beautiful Black Swan. The story revolves around a troubled ballerina, Nina, who is convinced a rival is trying to take her place. As she practices for hours on end to portray both the light and […]

Horrible Halloween Recipes

cobweb brownies

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is a time for making lots of yummy things to eat. But the recipes are a bit different from those other two traditional holidays. Here are a couple that trick-or-treaters will appreciate. Cobweb Brownies You can get everyone into the fun spirit of Halloween by baking up a batch […]

Captain America Movie Costume


Captain America is the latest comic book superhero to hit the silver screen in the 2011 “Captain America: First Avenger” movie. As such, you can be sure to see this patriotic superhero costume everywhere this Halloween, particularly among kids. It’s also a fun costume theme for men and women because it’s patriotic and super strong […]

Halloween Cake Pops


When it comes to Halloween party planning, there’s nothing like having the right mix of  Halloween party food. That’s where cake pops come in to play. Although cake pops look  intricate and time-consuming, the basic recipe is surprisingly easy, and from there you can  make your pops as crazy and creative as you want. To […]

Sucker Punch Costumes


If you want a strong female character costume idea this Halloween then Sucker Punch is the costume for you. This movie went down a storm in theaters this year, and showed that women can kick ass too! Great for group costumes, here’s a guide to dressing as Sucker Punch for your costume party. Babydoll If […]

Angry Birds Costumes


If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, you’ve been living under a rock! This ridiculously addictive game, created by Rovio Entertainment, is played by thousands of smartphone and tablet computer users, including myself. This alone speaks to the popularity of the game.  In fact, it’s so popular that official Angry Birds Halloween costumes have now […]

Doll In A Box Costume


Look chic and pretty this Halloween in a box. Be as box fresh as you can be and strut your stuff in a fancy Doll In A Box Costume. This creative costume is one of a kind as you can be as classy or glamorous in a very unique way. Girls always dream of looking […]

How To Use Halloween Makeup


Clown faces, skulls, vampires, kitties and a thousand other makeup designs are possible for the Halloween holiday. But makeup can be a real chore to apply. Here are some tips from the Hollywood pros to make your face-decorating safer, less work and more fun. Use quality makeup and facial products. All contemporary department store makeup […]

Plug And Socket Couples Costume


Wear your fun and fearless attitude this Halloween. You and your mate can be the High Voltage Couple at your next Halloween soirée in the Plug And Socket Couples Costume. Surprise your partner with this cool Halloween costume and wear it at your friend’s house party or Halloween event. You’ll catch the attention of everyone […]

Fake Blood Tips From The Hollywood Pros


If there’s anything Hollywood special effects artists know well, it’s how to use stage blood to create a gory look. Your Halloween makeup and decorating efforts will be improved by following some of their tried-and-true methods. First, you have to buy or make some fake blood. We trust you don’t have plans to use the […]