Funny Halloween Costumes

“Ditch The Customary Halloween Costume This Year And Liven Up Your Day With An Extravagant, Funny Halloween Costume That Will Generate Laughs And Tons of Halloween Fun!”

When it comes to Halloween costumes you are probably like most people looking for something creative and original. While some people choose costumes that are scary or cute, others choose funny Halloween costumes for their children or for themselves. Whether you’re searching for funny character costumes, hilarious food costumes or clever costumes that make you giggle, you’ll find some funny costume ideas below for the whole family.

Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting Costume

Tootsie Roll Baby Costume - Funny Baby Bunting Costumes Although Halloween treats are plentiful for dressed- up toddlers and young children there is no reason why infants should be left out. There are many funny baby bunting costumes that are not only charming, but are also quite comfortable for the baby.

The infant Tootsie Roll costume, for instance, includes a hat and a bunting that will keep baby warm. The bunting comes in the classic brown and white tootsie roll packaging with red trim and the familiar Tootsie Roll print.

The hat is probably the best thing about the costume as only the hands and the face of the baby will be visible, and the hat completes the look. This particular bunting costume is designed for babies 3-9 months old. Most would find it hard to resist cute and cuddly babies in bunting costumes.

Mini Strong Man Baby Bunting Costume

Mini Strong Man Baby Costume - Funny Baby CostumesThe mini strong man baby ensemble is another example of a funny Halloween costume that includes a head sash and an elaborately designed outfit. This baby bunting costume also comes with padded feet, stuffed arms and a cape. Both the fake arms and chest area are made to look like a bodybuilder. The stuffed arms hold a mini barbell.

One size fits up to approximately 6 months old. And while friends and relatives will surely enjoy seeing a baby in this strong man costume, don’t forget to assure them that there are no steroids in the baby’s bottle!

Adult Flamingo Costume

Adult Flamingo Costume - Funny Animal CostumesAdults can also join in on a laugh with a funny Halloween costume. In fact, families will have a lot of fun during Halloween and other themed parties if each of the members comes in a funny costume. They can also have the pleasure of taking lots of photos that will showcase everyone in their creative ensemble.

If the children are donning animal costumes, the parents can also find similar costumes to wear. For instance, the adult flamingo costume is a 2-piece set that includes the body and the legs for a full grown bird. Like the flamingo, you can use your long legs to mimic wading in deep water to look for food.

The beak of the flamingo is designed to be worn on the head to make it look like the bird’s face is your own. You will need to pair the costume with your own black shirt.

Invisible Man Costume

Invisible Man Deluxe Adult CostumeThe Invisible Man was one of my favorite sci-fi movies back in the day. The invisible man costume makes a great funny Halloween costume for men. This particular set includes a hat, a pair of light-up glasses, inflatable harness/headpiece, overcoat, shirt front, tie, and a belt. There are also two metal pieces for the floating hat and glasses effect.

The sleeves of the overcoat are made longer to hide the hands and the attached mesh shirt lets you see out, but prevents others from seeing in. It is available in one size – Adult Standard (up to a size 38-42). Shoes and pants not included.

There are many other creative funny Halloween costumes available. That’s why you’ll never run short on funny costume ideas each year. Just in case you don’t know where to get started, you can take a look at 50 funny ideas.

For those who may not be sold on a giggly costume, just consider the importance of laughter in your life. Everyone enjoys a good hardy chuckle from time to time and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only is laughter infectious, but it is also great for stress management and your overall health.

Get a real hoot and take a look at some of the best, worst, sexiest, funniest and weirdest costumes around. Just make sure to let anyone around know you’re not losing your mind…just getting a good laugh!

Dressing up in funny costumes is great for couples and groups alike. Finding a theme based on your favorite comic book characters or TV shows is a good start. You could even use your workplace to get some fun ideas. Check out these funny costume ideas that will make your co-workers smile.